Starting and running a small business is not easy. Sometimes we get confused with all the information out there and selecting what we can do to increase online sales. I’ve put together a small list of 9 strategies you can focus on implementing in your business today to keep growing.

  1. Show off your customer testimonials. The more proof you have the better. Proof can be in the form of client testimonials as well as maybe press mentions, etc. Proof shows the potential customer that you have done a great job previously and you can do it again. Furthermore, they said it, not you. Testimonials don’t cost anything and can increase your online sales.increase online sales with testimonials
  2. Start a blog if you don’t already have one. A great way to generate traffic from search engines is to add relevant content to your blog. Help search engines know that you are what the person searching is looking for with relevant, original content.
  3. Register your domain on as many directories as possible so that you can be found. There are many local and niche directories out there such as ‘Google My Business’ that you can register for business in your local area as well as those that are not location specific. Do a google search to see what directories are available to you. Look for the following: local specific, general, specific to your niche.
  4. Create a sense of urgency for your offer. You can create a sense of urgency in a few different ways. It can be cut off at a certain time or a limited to a certain number of purchases, etc.
  5. Provide various payment options. When it comes to sales, you want it to be easy for your buyer. Think about different payment options you could implement. You don’t need to select all but provide a few different options if you can. This can be in the form of payment type (credit card/ pay-pal/ amazon pay/ apple pay) or how payments are made ( break down payments – 2 to 3 payments instead of one full payment). For example at zippy logos we process payments through stripe which allows us to take credit cards. We also allow for payment in two parts.increase online sales payment options
  6. Keep branding and messaging consistent across platforms. By being consistent in how you communicate, you will build credibility for your business/brand over time. Credibility builds trust and can increase online sales over time.
  7. Implement tiered pricing. Offer a few different variations of your product at different price points so that your buyer can find a solution close to their budget. Make sure that the difference in value is clear. If they want the value, they will find a way to pay for the higher valued item if they can, but if not, do not turn that potential customer away if you can offer alternatives.increase sales tiered pricing
  8. Build trust – Think about how bad things can get for a company that has a data breach or a faulty product. That’s right, they quickly begin to experience financial losses. This tells us how important trust is in the sales process. Here are a few ways you can build trust for your own business.
    1. Keep your word
    2. Admit mistakes
    3. Respond to customers
    4. Build a brand that is built on the importance of trust
    5. Offer a guarantee
  9. Advertise to increase traffic. When you advertise, you need to ensure that you are advertising to the right people in order to get traffic that will convert. Pay close attention to your ideal client persona as well as ensuring that your keywords are relevant. You can advertise in the following ways:
    1. Search Engine Marketing
    2. Display Advertising
    3. Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc)

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