I’m Michele, Founder & Creative Director at Zippy Logos, Inc.
Loves: Loud Music, Travel, Photography, Chocolate, Coca-cola, Apple devices
Super Powers:  Gives great advice, Organized & Structured, Creative

I wanted to share a bit with you about why I started this company.

As a marketing consultant working with companies of all sizes, one thing became pretty clear to me. Almost every client I worked with either needed their logo re-done completely or they needed it re-drawn because they either never got or misplaced their vector files.  I provided this service to them over the past 8 years and quickly developed a formula for getting it done efficiently with a very high satisfaction rate.

My mantra has always been that any business can look and feel like a big successful business if their communication is done right. The first step in this communication process is your branding which is identified by your logo. I decided that I wanted to help as many small brands as possible look and feel good without breaking the bank.

I started this company to level the play field between large and small companies by offering agency quality logos done following the right design process without any shortcuts but at a fraction of the rates that a big shot agency would charge.

I realized that I could do this by offering a streamlined service online. We have built a beautiful platform to help you develop branding that you can be proud of.

My team is ready and waiting to help you launch your brand with a quality logo.
If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service or have any special needs, please contact me directly at michele@zippylogos.com

Michele's Recommendations

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Michele's Recommendations