If you’re wanting to build a brand but aren’t really sure what that even means or how to do it. Here’s a greatly simplified roadmap to get things going in the right direction for brand success.

Brand success isn’t easy and it’s also not a linear step-by-step process but rather a series of steps that start to sync together over time and move in the right direction so it’s important to start with a good foundation.

Let’s get started:

1. Get absolute clarity on who you are, what you do, and why it matters.

2. Use the info you gathered above to create your purpose. Your purpose is why you matter beyond making money and it never changes.

3. Figure out which audience, what you do will matter to most.

4. Decide on this direction and then implement it into your entire brand experience. That means you are always speaking directly to the audience that you will matter to most.

5. Start by prototyping everything; your logo, your website, your brochures, your in-store experience, etc.

6. Gather feedback from your audience
7. Adjust to improve on what worked and eliminate what didn’t work

8. Keep your communication simple and straightforward

9. Keep gathering feedback from your audience and make improvements to continue meeting their wants & needs.

Here’s a simple visual to help you remember all the points mentioned above to get you brand success.

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