Lemonade Time

Well, the corona virus is officially here in the US, and the only thing I keep thinking is that the world clearly  needed a reset button ……. 👀🤷🏽‍♀️

I’ve been reading about how mother nature seems to be using its time productively, clearing up skies in china and canals in Italy.

Italy after Corona
So shouldn’t we do the same instead of stressing and worrying through this period.
Why not use this time to seek out opportunities and solutions?

It is clear that this situation is not one that we can control.
So the question then becomes; What will you do with your free reset?

You could do a few things :

1. Complain that you are bored
2. Complain that you can’t go to work
3. Be negative
4. Be miserable
5. Get annoyed with everyone around you
6. Stress that you can’t get anything delivered
7. Stress that you can’t go to the store


You could use this time to make some lemonade!

What kind of lemonade do you wanna make?

corona lemonade1. Catch up on some reading
2. Take those online courses you’ve been meaning to take
3. Learn to paint
4. pick up a new hobby
5. Spend quality time with your family
6. Netflix and chill 😉
7. Support local restaurants by ordering take-out
8. Support local online businesses


You could even find some new ways to make some mula!
Not sure if that’s how you spell mula…. but I mean money…..
1. Amazon is hiring
2. Delivery services like Uber /Lyft need drivers
3. People that can’t leave their homes because they might be compromised need extra help getting things done.
4. Health care sectors in your area may need extra hands on deck in admin areas.
5. Start a new business that provides a solution to these new market needs.

I’m sure there’s a lot more that we could do. Let’s focus on being positive and providing solutions.
Corona virus will pass and when it does, wouldn’t you prefer to come out on top knowing that you spent your time wisely?

I’ve completed two online courses so far.

I’ll be adding to this list of  FREE course resources here in the next few days so check back in for new ones as I hear of them. I’m not in any way affiliated with these, just sharing.

  1. Google Digital Garage – has quite a few free online courses including a certified course in Digital Marketing.
  2. Google Analytics Academy  – both the beginner & advanced course include certification and are free.
  3. Udemy –  has a flash sale happening right now for the next 48hrs.
  4. Teachable – is offering 20% off sign ups right now
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Coursera – has free, paid certificate courses

What type of lemonade are you making?

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