Must Have Covid Gear

Howy Mandel has spoken about his OCD issues such as not shaking hands among with other germaphobic behavior. I see Howy as my germophobic soulmate. Not that thats even really a thing, but let’s go along with it.

My friends and family have said to me on numerous occasions… “if anyone was made to live in this pandemic it’s you!” Now obviously, no one enjoys having to deal with this, but they are just saying that the way my brain works makes certain now normal and expected tasks more manageable for me.

Let me explain; I’ve always been pretty scornful of the unseen germs. I don’t like to touch random things and I think through each step so if I touch this door and then touch this cup and then touch this pen and then rub my eye…. omg… not good. Most people don’t naturally think in this way, is what I am coming to understand, but I do so with that I am constantly coming up with solutions to deal with the new normal and amazon has been my very best friend in being able to find these solutions.

You might be wondering where i’m going with this post, so here goes. Since the pandemic i’ve had to travel out of the country not once but twice. I’ve travelled to places dealing with the different phases of the pandemic at different times.  In both scenarios; the countries I went to were dealing pretty well and then the inevitable escalation of the situation happened. As a result, when people see me going about my business using my various covid gear,  I’d get a-lot of requests asking where I got these things.

So I’ve decided to compile a list of my covid gear just for you.

Scroll below to see the items that have stuck around and become my everyday covid gear.
Ive also added a list with the Amazon links for them directly below this post.

P.S > this list is not complete, but i’ll start here and add the rest in a few days including some gear specifically for if you plan to travel soon.

Alcohol Wipes (Large)

These wipes are kept at the entrance to my apartment and everything gets wiped down on entry.
To start all phones get cleaned then followed by anything that I may have bought/picked up from a store/ restaurant/friend, you get what I mean.

Alcohol Wipes (Small)

I keep these small alcohol wipes in my bag instead of the larger ones. They are smaller and easier to carry. I use these to wipe down things in public spaces such as tables & chairs or if I buy something like a bottle of water when i’m on the road. I also use these to wipe my hands if i’m unable to wash my hands before eating or drinking.

Fine Mist Spray Bottles

I fill these up with 75% rubbing alcohol and then I use these as hand sanitizer spray. I will always have a bottle in my bag and they are also allowed on flights so that works out well. I found that the regular hand sanitizer like Purell would be a pain to use on a regular basis. They were sticky and would dry out my skin way more than just using the alcohol and these bottles provide a great even spray. Also, I haven’t had any issues with them leaking. I’ve actually given away quite a few of these to friends and family because they loved the idea so much when they saw me with them.

Car Seat Headrest Hooks

I live in an apartment building. As such, we are required to wear a mask when in common areas such as hallways, elevators, the car park, lobby, etc. This means that we need to wear a mask to go out to our cars before driving out. These hooks are useful if your car doesn’t have somewhere for you to place your mask while you drive that’s easy to reach, yet out of the way and convenient. We use the mask to get to the car and then can re-use it when we get to where we are going. (We do change masks frequently, but just walking to the car would be a waste).

Covid Claw

Great for not touching stuff that get touched often by random people. I use this to punch in my pin when paying for stuff, pressing elevator buttons, opening doors, etc. You can attach it to your bag or belt and just pull on it when you need it.






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