Please review your logo concepts

Please carefully read the instructions below.
There are 7 Steps in total and all steps must be completed in order to complete this phase of your design process.
Note* The feedback for each concept must be submitted individually
You must click the big red button at the end of the page to complete this process
Step 1 - Select 'YES' or 'NO' starting with concept 1




select yes or no

Select ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ starting with concept 1.

YES = there are elements in this concept that I’d like to see in my revision/final design.
NO = I reject this concept completely. Please do not include any elements from this concept in my revisions/ final designs.




Step 2 - Comment for concept 1 only



Comment for concept 1 only.

If you selected ‘YES’ then you are required to comment.
Let us know what elements you like.
If you selected ‘NO’ then it is preferred but optional.
Tell us which elements you did not like.


Step 3 - Save your feedback for this concept by hitting submit



click submit

Once you have made your selection and entered your comment for concept one
hit the ‘SUBMIT’ button to move on to the next concept.

N.B : This is to save your feedback in your dashboard.
This does not share your feedback with us.



Step 4 - Repeat steps 1-3 for each concept consecutively
  • Select ‘YES’ or ‘NO’
  • Comment the reasons for your selection
  • Hit the ‘SUBMIT’ button for each concept
  • Complete each concept independently in consecutive order. i.e concept 1, then 2, then 3, etc.
Step 5 - Share your files (optional)

Upload any extra details you’d like to share with us for us to consider in moving forward with your revisions.
You can upload; documents, images or audio files here.

Step 6 - Summarize your thoughts

Provide a clear detailed summary of what you want to see in your revisions.

For example:

  1. Please merge the elements from concept 1 and concept 4 that I like.
  2. Please change the font in concept 4 to the font used in concept 2.
  3. Please provide some color options using shaded of blue and yellow.

N.B – This section can be found below all the concepts.
Be sure to submit your comment to save it.
Hitting submit here does not share this info with us.

Step 7 - Hit the BIG RED button * super important


This is the most important step of this process.
This tells our system that you have completed your feedback and are ready to share it with us.
Until you do this, we will not be able to see or recover the feedback you entered.

Hitting the BIG RED BUTTON completes the feedback process.


Final Thoughts - Please provide clear detail summary what you would like to see based on your selection.

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  1. Excellent work! I love the seamless process. Zippy removes the frustrating friction that often exists between designer and client by providing a unique system of communication that allows both parties to focus on the questions that really matter. The result? Awesome logos that clearly align with your brand. I’ve done 3 logos here so far, with a couple more to go and also recommended to a few key contacts who’ve become satisfied clients.

  2. I’m Charisa, The Resell Diva, and I worked with Zippy Logos to create a logo and brand for my company. When I came to Zippy Logos, I didn’t have a clear vision on what I wanted my logo or brand to look like. The initial questionnaire included samples that helped me visualize what type of logos appeal to me. They worked with me and took the time to learn about my business and what the vision was for my brand in order to create something I could be proud of. The process was organized and easy. The online dashboard and feedback setup was easy to use and I was able to address what I liked about each logo revision so the ideas could be incorporated. The team was patient during our collaboration and worked with me until we had a logo that I love.