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We never stop learning, growing, and expanding what we do to make our clients successful.

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We’re committed to taking an adventurous, creative, and open-minded approach with each project.

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Brand Strategy & Design FAQs
So you’re ready to develop your brand. These are some of the most common questions we get, and we’ve answered them below.
If you don’t find what you need here, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I get started today?

Ready to develop your brand? If you’ve already selected your package then go for it! Otherwise, book your free call so that we can get to know you better and help you to select the right package.


How do I pay for my package?

If you’re moving forward with one of our pre-built packages then you can simply checkout online. You’ll have the option to pay everything upfront or with 2 payments on the checkout page. If you select the part payment option, you’ll need to pay 50% upfront with the 50% balance due about 2 weeks later.

If we’re creating a custom package for you, then you’ll receive an invoice by e-mail and will follow that online payment process.

Which package is right for me?

We offer three branding packages, depending on your needs.

  • Silver -Best For Startups That Need A Creative And Unique Logo Design But Don’t Need Other Marketing Collateral Right Away. We’ll also work through your Mission Statement, Vision Statement & Core Values.
  • Gold – Best For Small Businesses & Start-Ups who are ready to get online. We’ll also work through your mission, vision, values and so much more so you can have absolute clarity in communicating with your audience. This Package includes and info based WordPress website.
  • Platinum – THIS IS OUR FULL BRAND BUILD OUT (100%) . We’ll dig deep and clarify your brand goals & objectives, brand naming, mission statement, core values, story and so much more. This package includes an e-commerce website along with other marketing material.See your pricing chart to see a side by side comparison of what’s included in each.
What are Brand Strategy & Clarity sessions?
All our branding packages include zoom calls with Michele; our certified brand specialist.
Your selected package will determine what these calls are used for:
SILVER – Simple one-time only 30 min session to ensure that you’re clear on your branding and to make suggestions if necessary.
GOLD – Weekly sessions (3-5 30 min sessions) to clarify the branding work you’ve already done. We’ll help you fine-tune your current brand strategy.
PLATINUM – Weekly sessions (6-8 30 min sessions) to develop your brand strategy from the ground up.
One-On-One sessions with Michele are also available separate from our branding packages.
How much work do I have to do upfront before my project?

All brand packages includes one Brand Questionnaire that must be completed by you.
If you need help completing this questionnaire then you can reach us by e-mail at

How will I receive each design phase

We use our client dashboard to conduct and submit each phase of your design project. This dashboard will allow you to complete your questionnaire and then keep updated on which phase we are at with your project. You will be able to select, reply, and comment on each phase of your design work so that we can streamline each phase and provide complete clarity and transparency as we move through the design process.

What are design concepts?

The first step in the design process, we’ll take all your business info and formulate various design concepts for your review. The concepts represent initial directions that your logo design might go, and we’ll work with you to receive feedback, collaborate, and refine the concept into a spectacular logo design. The number of design concepts you’ll be able to choose from will depend on the package you choose.

When will I receive initial design concepts?

You’ll receive your first customized design concepts within 3-5 days of us moving from the “Strategy & Clarity”  to the “Design” phase. Note the timeline for each package below.
Silver Package – 2 week partnership
Gold Package – 3 week partnership
Platinum Package – 6 -8 week partnership

You should plan to receive all your branding collateral by the end of your respective partnership package.
Ready to develop your brand? Lets Go!

How does the revision process work?

Tweaks and changes to colors, fonts, and layout are an inevitable part of the design process. Our online platform enables a collaborative revision process between our clients and design team. Revisions, alterations, and combinations of design concepts are done with extensive client collaboration/feedback. The entire process can be done remotely, in the places and times of your convenience. This is probably the most exciting part to develop your brand.

What file format will my logo files be in?
  • Your final logo design will be delivered in the following file formats –
    • Raw Vector (EPS)
    • PNG
    • JPEG
    • PSD

    If you require files in any format not listed above, just ask. We’ll be glad to help.

How will I receive my final files
You will receive your digital design files and images in all popular file formats mentioned above in your dashboard. For larger files we may opt to send a shared Dropbox folder for easy download.

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