How Can Your Logo Influence Buyer Behavior?

As a logo design company, we are experts in helping influence buying behavior. We don’t do this through content marketing, or in-depth ad campaigns. In fact, we don’t even run marketing services. Instead, we create the longest running brand-able component of any company; the ever so important logo.

Logo design is more than just drawing something that can be used to market your brand. It’s about diving deep into the psychology behind your customer’s purchasing decisions, in order to represent your brand in a way that customers will want to do business with your company.

When we think about designing logos, we think about a lot more than just creating something that looks sharp and professional.

Instead, we focus on three main aspects of the buyer’s journey, and how your logo can communicate that without your sales team ever getting on a cold call, or sending a cold email.

So how do we work our logo magic?

We spend our energy on three essential areas: logo recognition, value communication, and social proof.

Logo recognition is a major selling point.

One of the first things that customers recognize about a brand is the logo. Whether it’s online, in print, on a sign, or on a label, your logo is the most important aspect of getting your brand remembered.

The more your customers can recognize your logo, the better chance you have of being top-of-mind when they think about your industry. In other words, if they’ve seen your logo before they are more likely to buy from you in the future.

Logo recognition is important, especially in the days of social media and News Feeds. Scrolling on a small screen has the potential to allow viewers to pass over your ads. However, with a memorable logo that catches their eye, they will be more likely to click on the ad and increase your conversion.

This is something that doesn’t get a lot of discussion in the complex world of conversion rate optimization. However, having a logo that customers have come to recognize is important for the customer’s journey.

Considering the fact that Salesforce recommends 6-8 touches before a customer is willing to make a purchase, the odds are pretty high that they will eventually come to remember your logo. After seeing your logo almost ten times, they will begin to cement the memory of your brand and products in their heads.

See how important logos are in the buying process?

Think about some of your favorite brand’s logos for a moment.

What stands out to you? Is it memorable or is the name the only thing you remember?

You’ll probably notice that for your favorite brands, it is pretty easy to picture their logo, even if you don’t see it that often.

Logos are archetypes for your brand identity.

Logos are symbols of your brand, and they represent more than just colors and good artwork. They can also be archetypes for what your brand does and how it serves your customer base.

Archetypes are a concept created by C.G Jung, a psychologist who pioneered the study of the collective unconscious. In Jung’s work, he shares that there are universal archetypes–which are similar to the different characters in fairy tales. These archetypes represent how we show up in the world, and how we take action. Marketers have taken Jung’s archetypes and applied them to how businesses serve their clients.

Your logo is literally a symbol, which depicts who your company is, and how it expresses itself compared to your competitors.

Having the ability to showcase a symbol or image that can instantly create an archetype for your customers to associate your company with is incredibly valuable. It helps them to generate trust, which as you know, is the leading component in creating more sales.

For example, if your business involves an animal such as a lion or tiger it will depict strength, much in the same way that dogs and cats represent family, since they are usually house pets.

Combining your business with an archetypal identity can be a creative way to communicate core values through your logo. However, be sure to read up on all of the meanings that could be associated across different cultures for animals, signs, and symbols.

Good logos communicate value.

Branding and creative logo design are about more than just making the customer feel good about buying your products, they should also make you stand out as a brand that is worth the price point.

Your products and service offerings don’t just sell themselves, that’s the job of your brand, which is why we work so hard at helping our clients to find the right logo by walking them through our proprietary brand questionnaire.

Your value isn’t something that is easy to communicate on its own, because often your value is only really known to the people who use and love your company’s products and services.

However, great companies have become so intertwined with their customer’s needs that they can easily predict what their market will want. Once they find out what the market is demanding, they get to work branding themselves in a way that communicates this new value.

Everything from your logo to your Facebook ads need to communicate your value to your potential customer base, if you aren’t adequately sharing what you do well and where you differentiate yourself from the rest of the market, it may be time to do a brand overhaul.

Because the logo is the first thing people will see in most cases, it is one of the most important pieces in showing your customers that you are valuable, and that your business will provide your customers with what they are looking for.

Branding is shareable social proof.

No matter how you slice it, a good brand is a social construct. What that means is that a brand is only successful if people actually like it. If a brand becomes popular, social proof alone is enough to help it take off.

However, when a brand is in its infancy, it can be difficult to spread awareness through marketing alone.

A good logo can speed up this process and help your brand to gain more traction through places like social media, your website, and other sites that your content appears on.

It can also communicate a wealth of insight about your company. For example, when a logo looks professional and important, early adopters will recognize your brand. Investors will take you more seriously as an up-and-coming start-up, and your employees will be proud to work for an outstanding company. The logo is the first step towards creating great direct mail campaigns, social media ads, and a beautiful online and offline display presence.

Your logo brands you everywhere.

From t-shirts and stickers, to business cards your logo is the social proof that will get shared with the world. While logos can cost several thousands of dollars–Zippy Logos provides full professional creative logo services for just a fraction of the cost that big agencies charge.

Isn’t it time to start sharing your new beautiful logo and getting the attention that your brand deserves?

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