Michele’s Top 5 Self Development Book Recommendations

2020. The year of reflection, change, but its just about over. For 2021 some will pivot into their future selves and some will be left stuck in a 2020 mindset.
At first 2020 was difficult and scary and challenging, but at some point you’ve got to stop. You’ve got to stop dwelling on what was and focus on what is and move forward. I recently saw this quote posted on social media and while the author is unknown I still wanted to share it with you today.

“Heal and move on. You have things to do.
You cannot sit in the dark place forever.”

With this quote I urge you to move forward into your future self and trust that you will be great with a little bit of work.
I’m by no means someone that enjoys reading; but I read for the outcome and over the years; I’ve encountered numerous books. Some; I have yet to get past chapter one because the truth is I hate reading (I know hate is a strong word. I’m working to change that), but there are a few that have managed to keep my interest all the way to the end and those are usually the ones that I can relate to easiest. They are easier to read – it doesn’t feel like work, instead they simply seem to flow and the messages learned are things that make you think “I can do that” or “I would love to be that type of person” and so with that I share with you what I consider to be my top 5 books that have helped mold me into the person I am today.

Who am I you may ask, well here’s a super quick summary. I’m Michele; Brand Specialist and Founder of Zippy Logos, Inc.
I was born and raised on the island of Jamaica. At fifteen I moved to Barbados with my family where I spent three years completing high school. At eighteen; I was off to Canada for University. I spent two years in Canada and then returned to Jamaica. I was officially a University drop out. I found myself studying Honors Science at the University of Waterloo and not liking it one bit. This is not the end of my story though. I moved back to Jamaica; got a job and had my boss offer to pay for me to go back to school in a business field. I decided to get a degree in Business with a focus in Marketing & International Business. I graduated with Honors. While completing my degree I started a t-shirt line and lead many Marketing projects at my company.

I eventually moved on to Marketing Manager at another company and eventually deciding that I would like to really own my own time. I wanted to travel the world and I wanted to build my photography portfolio and I knew I couldn’t do this if I didn’t own my own time. I started my own Marketing Agency , became a partner in a coffee shop, and co-founded one of the greatest events of all time (thats another story in itself) but all these experiences have lead me here.Β  The future of this life with an online branding agency. Oh and yes I did travel and build that photography portfolio. Ten years later I’ve travelled to places like Australia, Singapore, Italy, France on multiple occasions.

The question is though; what made me to decide to live my life in this way. There had to be some driving force. I would have to give a-lot of this to my parents who always told me that I can be and do anything I want to. I was alway free to make my own decisions without fear as I was the driver in my world. But further to that; there have been some books that have helped push this mindset further into actually taking action even when the cards weren’t always right. There were many struggles including money but you’ve got to push forward in the direction you want to be not where you are currently and I learned a-lot of this from these books below:


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