Why You Should Never Use Sites Like Fiverr for Logo Design

In the expensive world of graphic design, it can be tempting to want to find a cheap means for producing your logo. However, like anything else in life, you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to having your logo designed. One of the hallmarks of professionalism is that the professional makes enough money to live on. Unfortunately, making five dollars per job isn’t a realistic means of making a living.

As a business owner what does that mean to you? First and foremost, it means that you could potentially experience a lack of quality, an absence of professionalism, and a shortage of time committed to your company’s project.

Unfortunately, the less a job pays, the more jobs the graphic designer will have to create which will burden them, leaving them less time to spend on your project. While getting a logo designed for less than the price of a sandwich may sound appealing, the real truths behind it, are anything but appetizing.

Here are a few reasons why small agencies, (such as Zippy Logos) independent contractors, and larger design firms are a much better solution for your design needs than sites like Fiverr.


Slow Turnaround Time

One of the most difficult challenges in working with designers on sites like Fiverr is that they are competing against steep competition. Because of the ubiquity of designers available, the lowest quote usually wins. This means that the designers have to take on as many jobs as they can, which means that their calendars often fill up quickly, and are backlogged.

While the final product may be a huge cost saver, it won’t save you time. Often, the person you hire can be backed up for weeks!

Furthermore, since you aren’t paying much to begin with, you won’t be a priority to the person you chose.

Instead, you’ll be seen as another number in a long line of low-paying customers.

On the flip side, when you work with us, Zippy Logos promises an incredibly fast industry-leading turnaround time of only three days once we have defined your branding strategy.
Having a logo designed in just three business days means that you can get an award-winning design in less than a week, which can help you to jumpstart your rebranding, marketing, or sales campaign extremely quickly.

At Zippy Logos we know that the faster you have a design in your hands the faster you can start serving your clients and customers with confidence.


Watch Out for Hidden Charges

One of the ways that designers and artists who freelance on budget sites make their income is through hidden charges and special fees that they use to leverage more income. Since $5 for a logo means doing 20 logos just to make $100–most designers will try to leverage turnaround times to charge exorbitant fees, or trick you into paying for subpar work.

While we can’t verify exactly what certain designers charge, we advise paying careful attention to what you are paying for, and making sure that everything is negotiated up-front, and in-writing.

However, hidden fees for a quicker turnaround time aren’t the only things that you’ll face, instead there’s a whole slew of instances that can cause extra charges to be incurred.

Want more color options? You’ll pay extra.

Want more variety? You’ll pay extra.

Want multiple iterations? You guessed it…you’re going to be paying extra.


Sites Like Fiverr Reward Inexperience

Just because someone has hundreds of completed jobs doesn’t mean that their work is good enough for your industry–or that their work is going to be up to par with what you require.
As a business, your logo is too important to risk money on something that isn’t good.

One of the ways that you can tell that the thinking behind these sites is flawed, is that 100 completed jobs would amount to $500–which is much less than rent in most major cities.
Therefore, even with one hundred happy customers–you have to take into account that they were only happy with a $5 purchase.


Budget Freelance Sites Serve the Wrong Market

Sites like Fiverr aren’t all bad, but they are probably bad for your market. For college students participating in a startup competition who need a logo for their mock company–five dollars is the way to go.
For a real startup looking for investors, you’ll want to showcase to potential investors that your company is worth their money.

Shouldn’t a good logo be worth yours?

A good logo should be as high quality as the brand it represents, Fiverr isn’t designed for great quality, it’s designed for easy, cheap renditions, quick sketches, and non-time-intensive jobs.

For example, voice over work–which could be as simple as reading a thirty second podcast introduction–could take five minutes. At that rate a good voice over artist could be earning $60 per hour–not too shabby.

However, something as labor intensive as designing a brand’s marketable, made-to-last logo, simply is worth much more than $5, and the market reflects this truth.

How much is your company’s reputation worth?

A lot more than five bucks!


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